Hapkin is best stored upright in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. This will keep the yeast cells for the conditioning of your beer at the bottom of the bottle. Be sure to leave approximately 1 cm of beer in the bottle when you pour it into a clean Hapkin glass. The result will be a crystal clear beer with a wonderfully subtle bitterness. Of course, if you can’t wait to savour our Hapkin, refrigerate it to around 5°C and enjoy it to the fullest.
Beer contains gluten, drawn from the barley it was brewed with. However, just a small percentage of this gluten actually ends up in your beer. The exact amount of gluten depends on the type of cereal grains used for brewing and the brewing process itself. Hapkin is brewed with barley and contains just traces of gluten. The general rule is: the clearer and blonder the beer, the less gluten it will contain. Whether people with a gluten allergy or those on a gluten-free diet can drink such beers depends on the acuteness of the allergy and the type of beer.
Our Hapkin glasses are only available to catering professionals. However, do keep an eye out for our special promotions: a free Hapkin glass when you order 2 Hapkins at your favorite pub or café, or a free Hapkin glass when you purchase a Hapkin 4-pack or a Hapkin Discovery pack at your supermarket.  
Unfortunately, due to the high number of requests and the complex infrastructure of our brewing plant, it’s not possible for individuals or groups to visit our brewery.
Hapkin is brewed with natural ingredients only. Please find a list of ingredients and nutritional information here.
We keep and handle your personal information responsibly and in compliance with the latest privacy regulations. Please refer to our legal disclaimer for more specific information. 
We get daily requests for Hapkin gadgets, axes and other promo stuff from Hapkin fans all over the globe. As it has become impossible to fulfil all of these requests, we can no longer send out Hapkin promotion material.
Hapkin is brewed with the utmost care and craftsmanship. You can find all necessary information on our natural ingredients and nutritional information here.
Yes, we do offer sponsorship deals. Please send your request to, at least 3 months before the official event date. We will be in touch as soon as we have evaluated your sponsorship request.